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Children (S, SA, SSA)

E = Easy · ME = Moderately Easy
M = Medium · MA = Moderately Advanced · A = Advanced

Titlesort descending Poet/Lyricist Instrumentation Level Listen

* Finally On My Way To Yes (CD/mp3)

Performances by 10 diverse choruses
10 Poets & 2 Proverbs



A Palette To Paint Us As We Are

A moving tribute to our skins' true colors
Gerald Rich

SSA, piano
SATB, piano


Before the Bread

A canonic setting of a traditional English blessing
English folk prayer

SATB a cappella
SSSS a cappella


Being Who You Are

A lighthearted romp affirming individual differences (with a touch of Shakespeare)
Elizabeth Alexander

SA, piano,
& misc. percussion


Beware the Winter Settlin' In

Irish midwinter merrymaking, full of welcome and cheer
Elizabeth Alexander

SATB chorus, Celtic band, and children's choir (opt.)


Caterpillars Crawl

A humorous look at the daunting act of "going out on a limb"
Elizabeth Alexander

SA children's choir, piano


Children, Go Where I Send Thee

A vibrant "call and response" arrangement of this enduring favorite
African-American Spiritual

SA children's choir, soloist, piano



A sweeping embrace of all heart-opening things: poems, mistakes, rain...
Dawna Markova

SSA, cello, piano


Dragon Dance

Reflections on a Chinese dragon's many feet, with a "Partner Song" finale
Elizabeth Alexander

SA, piano


If You Can Walk You Can Dance

A contagiously joyful Latin dance song
Zimbabwean proverb

SAB, piano, claves
SATB, piano, claves
SSA, piano, claves
TBB, piano, claves


Infant Holy, Infant Lowly

An intimate arrangement of a Christmas favorite
Polish carol / Elizabeth Alexander

SSA a cappella



A sonic experience of jumping, falling, and flying!
Ray Bradbury

SSA, narrator, string quartet


May This Be a Working Alleluia

A "roll up your sleeves" embrace of gratitude, work, healing and joy
Elizabeth Alexander

S children's choir, SATB,
& piano
(Optional: flute, 2 trumpets)


Only a Couple Fishes

An animated retelling of the Loaves and Fishes story, with "generosity" at its core
Elizabeth Alexander

2-4 part children's choir, piano


Songs of Youth

An exploration of the thrill (and impatience!) of growing up
Elizabeth Alexander

SAB, piano (opt: vibraphone)
SSA, piano (opt: vibraphone)


The Earth Called To My Friend

A song of memorial that heartily embraces the vitality of life
Nancy Wood

SSA, piano


Things That Go Bump in the Night

A courageous and funny journey from dusk to dawn
Elizabeth Alexander

SA, piano, flute
SATB, piano, flute


Those Who Wish To Sing Always Find a Song

The joy of "tra-la-la" (In nine languages!)
Swedish proverb

SSA, oboe, piano


To Make a Prairie

A delicate setting of Dickinson's timeless poem about dreams and creation
Emily Dickinson

SSA, piano


We Lift Up Our Hearts

A prayer of thanks, simple and true
Richard Fewkes

S (children's choir), SATB, piano


Where There Is Light In the Soul

A rich affirmation of Light, Beauty, Harmony, Honor and Peace
Chinese proverb

SAB a cappella
SATB a cappella
SSA a cappella
TTB a cappella


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